Voice Part: Alto Tenor Awesome
Class: 2012
Place of Origin: Terrifying Suburbia, New Jersey
Major: History
Hidden Talent: Being the person who says something awkward just when it gets really quiet.

Jaclyn hails from New Jersey, which other people seem to find funny for some reason. Upon arriving at Amherst, she joined the Madrigal Singers out of a deep-set desire to party like it's 1555 and subsequently declared herself Publicity Manager. When she isn't singing harmonies with the sopranos that no one in the audience can actually hear, moonlighting as a tenor, or obsessing over the Madrigals concert posters, she can be found ravenously devouring various salty snacks, frantically finishing yet another history paper about empire the night before it's due, or napping. She is probably only a little bit evil.

Also, her cell phone ring tone is the theme from Star Wars. Because that's Cool.

Jaclyn Tran
Rated R for language and intense Soviet humor.