Voice Part: Contratenor Bassus (in short: Bass)
Class: 2013
Place of Origin: the town of Laszeur in the Duchy of L'Île de Lesteur, according to the légendaire school of Hu's genealogy, or Beijing, China, according to the certificat school.
Major: Music and Interdisciplinary (Medieval, Renaissance, and Early Modern studies); currently French.
Hidden Talent: to kill any kind of conversation by saying a mere few words. Currently conceiving his new book For Dummies: How to Kill a Conversation.

A French royalist, Lester Hu idolizes Johann Sebastian Bach and Jean-Baptiste Lully. He considers the modern French republic "depraved," as he considers the whole world and human race is. When he is not accusing other people's lamentable depravity, looking for his wallet/id/phone/key/wand, practicing divination, updating his horoscope, casting love spells to his crushes, crying to Bach's cantate and passions, arguing with his mother over his musical career, being pushed by his OCD to check his physical mailbox once per 5 hours, or secretly putting salt and peppers into somebody else's coffee, he will probably be found studying in the music library, procrastinating in common rooms, or eating a whole length dinner at Val. He has two pets: one stuffed yellow cat named "Garfield," an a lovely whity-pinky softy dog named "Patrick." He loves Lasagna and thinks it's food of the God. His favorite drink is sprite and vodka, but his madrigal friends deprive him the divine right to therein indulge.

Lester Hu defies the right of Jaclyn Tran to cut his bio.

Cheers be to the clever, the nerdy, the welcomed, the fanciful, the talented, and, well in fact, the others!

Lester-Louis-Lorenzo-Lakshman Rodolphus Centaurae Raoul Constantine Alfonso Zhuqing Hu
Lester has never untied his shoes since he bought them.