Welcome! We are the Amherst College Madrigals, more commonly known as The Mads (and for good reason!). If you see people around campus who randomly burst into bawdy song, they're probably we. :) We are a part of the Amherst College Choral Society, which includes the Concert Choir, Glee Club, and Women's Chorus. It's autumn of 2001, the trees are starting to change colours, there's music in the air, and Madrigals are gearing up to go again! This year's madness is being corraled by the team of Alison Kauffman and Whitney Cox, both juniors and each a little crazier than the other.

We'd love to come sing for you! We are working on several concert exchanges at the moment; if you'd like to contact the Madrigals for an engagement, please e-mail our geek-in-residence, Whitney Cox (who is, if you were paying attention last paragraph, also the director, but deigns to update the web page too ... when she remembers).

This semester's membership has been a bit in flux and still hasn't settled down, but we've got a few loyalists on board. Singing with the sopranos is Mollie Stone, class of 2001 and stressed-out choral assistant who juggles all the responsibilities Mallorie gives her and still makes time to lend us her loverly voice. From the freshman class of 2005, Sarah Davis alto extrordinaire, and Jon Wemette, a big bad bass, have joined the madness; joining Jon down in the depths will be junior Michael Turken, an all-around neat guy. Hooray for the new members!


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