Voice Part: Tenor?
Class: 2012
Place of Origin: The Middle of Nowhere, Michigan
Majors: History, Music
Hidden Talent: Mapmaking

HISTORIAN by day! COMPOSER by night! TIRED by midmorning! ASLEEP by noon! HERO. FRIEND. LOVER.

When not lodged inside a library or a piano, Robert is frequently found singing in any of a variety of capacities-- Madrigals, Concert Choir, serenading young maidens (he has found that nothing woos women quite so well as high-pitched falsetto warblings)-- and writing exciting musical masterpieces or not-so-exciting dry historical tracts on naval warfare in the 18th century. How, exactly, he got here from the one horse town in which he grew up (chances are you've never heard of it) is a thrilling story involving a submarine, a direwolf and a Molotov cocktail, too long to repost here.

You may have missed him at last semester's concerts, for he was on special, top-secret assignments in Vienna and assorted other places in Europe; now he has RETURNED (to gasps and cheers) for his final (and therefore, terrifying) year as an undergrad.

Robert Suits
Golden god of music.